Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning....sounds like fun doesn't it?

We are currently undertaking some spring cleaning of the house during Spring Break. I must admit Wade is the leader of our spring cleaning. He hands out the tasks which is great for me....I seem to have good intentions but get distracted along the way. (It's my ADD....lol)

So as we are cleaning our house I thought, "Hey what about spring cleaning for our souls?"

Many of us have felt like we have been in a season of winter (as described by some of you). Well.....Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Spring is a-comin'!!!! What a sight....when we see the blooms beginning to bud and the sun shining with its warm rays. Even though the signs of spring can be all round we still may need to dig in for some deep spring cleaning. You know the kind.......under the beds and sofas, cleaning out those cluttered closets that we keep hidden from people when they stop by for a visit. Let's take this new season and really deep clean. I know when we deep clean our house....we find treasures (such as Lily's coins for her piggy bank!!) we had completely lost and forgotten about. Think about finding some of the lost treasures in our lives....the ones God started and we just kinda lost along the way. I know I definitely want all God has for the Jones family!!

So in closing, I leave us with the thought of spring cleaning....It's not much fun but the rewards of a clean house in combination with the new warmth of spring is a pretty amazing new season!!

I love you all and hope you have a great spring!!!


Tammy said...

Amen to that!

The Wild World of Richmond said...

What a great thought. We all need to spring clean even in the winter-probably especially in the winter.

By the way, Ken's been managing the spring cleaning around here, too. What is it with these guys? Don't they know this vacation? LOL.

jonesfamily said...

I just wanted to pass along to you all....even Abs got the cleaning bug yesterday. She decided to clean out her dresser. She laid all the clothes out drawer by drawer and sorted them and folded them. She worked on this for over an hour....NOW THAT IS AMAZING!!

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

WOW! I really like your post, not that I like to Spring clean, but BOY I love the feeling when everything is DEEP CLEANED and our house looks all sparkly! Wouldn't it be great if my life looked all sparkly, too? I know my heart needs some Spring cleaning.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing that thought with us. Also, I have 2 questions....

1. When can Wade and Ken come to MY house this week!!??? It is not vacation for us, but we could pay $$ for some Spring cleaning at the Rogers household!!

2. When can Abs come teach Anna Grace how to clean out her dresser drawers so methodically?

Have a blessed day and here's to a new Spring!!!

Love you guys,


jonesfamily said...

I am willing to farm Wade out...but he says "You can't afford them!!!!....LOL

I will be glad to send Abs along too!! I think since he handles the piano $$ I could handle this aspect, dont' you???

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Yes, I think you could handle it!! But, I guess he is too good to come Spring clean at our house!!

I will take you up on the Abs training when Gracie is back in town! LOL!!

We love you guys!!