Monday, April 28, 2008

Art or..............

This is another one of my "So what do you think about this?"
There is no right or please share!!

So by now you have probably heard of or seen the pics of Miley Cyrus in this month's Vanity Fair. If you haven't you may check it out here:

I didn't want to put the pics on the blog......

"So - What do you think?"
Is it just art or is this a scary wake up call for people?

I surely don't have a correct answer but I will tell you my thoughts:

I really don't know. The first initial reaction was that of a not so good feeling. People have said, "I hope she doesn't turn into the next Brittney Spears." I thought about it but totally dismissed it. It's Disney......but now I am rethinking. Should Abs be so enthralled with all things Hannah Montana? I didn't put the pics on here because I know she looks at the blog and I don't want her to see them. And I was happy that she slept late this morning and didn't see it as one of the first stories on the news. I even kept Fox News off for most of the day (which is unusual b/c I keep it on one tv).

I am more than happy to see photography as art but I just can't buy into it this time. Someone has a underlying reason for such a picture. Either the photographer (who is quite famous) is very good at manipulation. One lady on the Today show did mention this as it had happened to her. Or the Cyrus folks want to move her image to look older (for future purposes). Either one is not a great scenario. I was also a little disappointed in her performance on American Idol a couple of weeks ago. I thought the dancing was a little too mature for young girls. But that is another one of my random thoughts. However one thing of a positive note was the Disney Channel's response as being very unhappy about the situation.

So I will be watching a little more closely. Not necessarily the show but the outside things. I believe it is my job to keep up with the role models for my girls.

Those are my thoughts and I would love to hear yours!!!


jonesfamily said...

I agree with you dear. You know how I feel about little girls growing up way to early. I was apaulled (spelling?) when I came home today and saw the news.

Love you sweetie

Brad & Shana said...

I had not heard anything about it until your post. I admit, I'm disappointed in the Cyrus gang....I thought, for once, we had someone to watch that had their heads on straight .....apparently, the money eventually starts talking louder than anything else. It's sad isn't it.


Tammy said...

I didn't know about it until last night when I was watching tv instead of sleeping like everyone else in my house. I was quite thankful that the girls were asleep. It really is disappointing to see someone who I thought was a good role model fall into that trap which is Hollywood. Maybe she was manipulated, but I have to ask, "Where were her parents?!"

Brad & Shana said...

Another blog I read has addressed this same can see her thoughts at:

-or- follow the Rocksinmydryer link from my blog.

Just more thoughts

jonesfamily said...

Thanks for the other site....and as for her parents...they were BOTH on the can see the mom and some of the other children in the backstage stuff on Vanity Fair's site. How very sad!!

Erik and Angela Green said...

The only pic I could find was the magazine cover; was that the one? I did not find that one awfully distasteful. But to me it is another example of how the world values skin over content of character. It seems nowadays to be famous you have to show it all off.

Tammy said...

Author Vicki Courtney talked about this on her blog as well. She gave some great insight for talking to our kids about this kind of stuff. Of course Maddie is oblivious to all this right now and I plan on keeping it that way. She will find it all out soon enough!