Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol (a review & a serious thought)......

As many of you know, the Jones family are AI junkies. We watch from the beginning (the pitiful and crazy) to the final 2. The only season I (Jenn) did not watch was season 3 & only because Wade and I were courting...(lol)


One word to describe last night's elimination.........WHAT????

They (the judges) keep saying this is the best season ever.......not really.....but still we are devoted and we watch. Last night they eliminated Michael Johns. No, I didn't think he would win but still there are some girls that should have seriously been gone before him. However, in my vent about pitiful eliminations, I would like to say "kudos" to the AI staff. They actually picked a Christian song, "Shout to the Lord", as one of the theme songs for Idols Give Back I don't know if you watched or not but it was quite moving. (I have included it below...courtesy of YouTube)

While we were watching Wednesday evening, we were playing the Mad, Sad, Glad game. When it was Abs turn she said one thing that makes her sad is to see all of those sick children. I can barely watch without just bawling. I am SSSOOO thankful that I am blessed to live in the USA and have healthy babies.

I have been quite stressed with my kids lately (especially Abs). I put too much pressure on her to be "perfect". Now don't even ask me what "perfect" means...becuase I really don't think I could define it. But watching those moms who have very little hope for their sick (& dying babies) and hearing how it affected Abs really made me want to thank God for his abundant blessings for my family.

This spring break, I am going to try to concentrate more on the joys of my children! I encourage each of us to take time just to play....laugh......and love this coming week!!


Tammy said...

How funny! Great minds do think alike!!

Brad & Shana said...

I love the tie in with Abs and how we need to focus on the good, fun, and encouraging things of our children instead of always trying to "fix" the latest area of concern. Sometimes, we just need to down right enjoy our kids.

Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, and I'm totally with you about Michael Johns.....HUH??? Very confusing, since he's never been in the bottom 3. And, the shout to the Lord performance was amazing. Did you notice the audience? Applause throughout. Awesome!