Thursday, March 13, 2008

Abs starts T-ball

Abs is starting t-ball on Monday. To say she is excited would not acurately describe the situation. She tells everyone that will slow down to listen. We will post pics after our first practice!


Tammy said...

Well how stinkin cute! I did not know you had a blog. I am so excited that you are joining in on the fun!!!

jonesfamily said...

I decided to start one today! It took me forever to figure out the password Wade created. He was looking at someone's blog a few months ago, so after all of that I decided I would try one too!!

Brad & Shana said...

I too, am glad you joined in. Very cute pictures you got yourself here, especially the profile picture!!


Erik and Angela Green said...

How long will it be before Wade confiscates it all haha?


Taylor said...


Brodie is so excited that Abs is starting T-Ball!! We can't wait to see her practice - it will be a hoot!! :)