Friday, September 19, 2008

The WOW Writer

Well, I guess I too have been uninspired to blog. I really don't know why, but this is the right topic to get me back!!


I am so proud! Here is the "story" - They are encouraging the students to draw a picture and then use words as labels. This is still considered "pre-writing" but to Abs she wrote a novel!! Each of the kindergarten teachers chose 1 girl & 1 boy. Abs even prayed Monday night in her prayers that she would be the wow writer......(no pressure God!!) She was so excited to see her work in the main hall!

Here is Abs showin' off her work!

And of course, Lily wanted to be included too!


The Wild World of Richmond said...

WOW Abs!!! You go girl! One day you're gonna be a famous writer and you'll be able to by your mom a brand new car!!!

Brad and Shana said...

Congrats Abs!! What a great job you did! We're proud of you!

Bridenstine3 said...

I love the rainbow! She is so proud of her work. That is a huge affirmation for kids.

Tammy said...

Way to go Abigail!!